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Early Intervention

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Individual, Family Couple's Therapy

Summary:  First therapy session, generally involves obtaining a full-assessment: medical history, social and emotional concerns, gathering presenting problem information.  Usually last approximately 1.5 hours. 

Infant-Parent Therapy

Summary: Therapy involves working with parent and child.  Initial sessions involves gathering a detailed developmental history, medical and social adjustment history,  pre-post pregnancy history; gathering history of presenting problem: symptoms and behaviors of concern. The initial visit may take approximately 2 hours.  Assessment will continue throughout the treatment. Interventions are dependent of treatment plan.  In general, treatment begins with creating "bonding" moments and "attunement" between caregiver and child. 

Anger Management for INDIVIDUAL-GROUP 

"Emotional Regulation" for Infants & Toddlers. Anger Management : - Normalizing anger; assessing anger arousal; identifying anger distortions; de-escalation techniques; assertiveness skills; effective communication.  Emotional Regulation :  Caregiver and child participate together.  When a child feels angry, or stressed they need important caregivers to help them self-regulate.  Early management of emotions is important to helping young children learn to manage anger as an adolescent, teenager and as an adult. 

GROUP sessions are $20.00 per session and $45.00 registration fee.  If a certificate is required, the cost is $25.00 per session and $45.00 registration fee. A minimum of 12 consecutive sessions are  required to receive a certificate.

INDIVIDUAL  sessions are $125.00 for sessions.  

Infant Massage Instructions

learn about the benefits of Massage Therapy for their infants: enhance infant's verbal development; improve muscle tone  & coordination; stress relief; colic relief; improves                                                                                       sleep; promotes bonding & attachment.

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