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Ms. Pineda is experienced in providing consultations for Pre-schools, Head-start and Elementary Schools and High Schools.

Pre-school; Head-start; Elementary and High-

School consultations are designed to support "Relationships", child-teacher interaction, parent-teacher interaction and enhancing class-room environment for learning.

Business consultations are designed to help organizations develop and implement programs to improve the quality of the workplace and the community. Depending on type of consultation, minimum fee starts at $300.00 per hour. 


Anger Management

Domestic Violence

Prevention of Child Abuse

Infant Mental Health

Infant Massage Instructions

Managing Children's Classroom Behavior

Raising a Thinking Child

Parenting the difficult child


Prevention of Workplace Violence

This is only a summary of presentations. If you are interested in a topic that is not listed, pleased call us at 626-272-8944 and ask to speak to Ms. Rosie Pineda. A workshop can be designed specific to your need. 

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